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About Us

What is UWINArduino

The UWINArduino club is a student led engineering club founded in 2017, helping students develop hands-on electrical prototyping experience. With the objective of expanding student knowledge through lessons and competitions, UWINArduino clubs goals is to prepare students for real work situations. 

Our Team

James Shaw


James is a fourth year electrical engineering student. He started this club in 2018 along with Bogdan Gramisteanu to help students develop hands-on electrical prototyping experience. 

Bogdan Gramisteanu

Vice President/Cofoudner

Bogdan Gramisteanu is a third year electrical engineering student. Bogdan and James cofounded the club in 2018. 

Eman El-Masri

Executive Director

Eman has helped the club grow to one of the largest clubs on campus and with her help students from other programs such as Business and Computer Science have showed interest in learning Arduino. 

Harry Scarfone

Instructor/Lead Programmer

Harry is a fourth year electrical engineering student. Harry is the programming lead for Arduino sessions.